MedSoft – Hospital Management System

MedSoft is a Modern and Complete Hospital Automation Software that suites to almost every hospital or medical institution from patient OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It includes 25+ modules with 8 inbuilt users (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Receptionist and Patient) panel.

MedSoft Features:

  1. In/Out Patient Management: Add and management all patients records for both in and out patients in MedSoft.
  2. Admission: Powerful admission form, add all necessary records for all patients in the hospital.
  3. Appointment Management: Front desk personnel can schedule and management appointment for doctors and their patients.
  4. Ambulance Management: Ambulance management for patients.
  5. Daily Attendance: Manage daily attendance for al staff at the hospital.
  6. Internal Messaging: Staff members can send messages to other staff members or patients.
  7. Accounting: Trace income and expenses all at single place.
  8. Department Management: Different departments are allocated different features such as Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy, Consultation, etc.
  9. Blood Bank Management: Ability to track all the blood in the hospital and house it is being used.
  10. Laboratory Management: Add and manage all lab tests and records both in and out patients within MedSoft.
  11. Operation Theatre Management: All procedures in the theatres are carefully logged and tracked in the theatre module.
  12. Birth/Date Recording: The system offers a separate module for recording all births and deaths at the hospital.
  13. Charts & Graphs Reporting: MedSoft offers graphical statistical reports and charts on all income and expenses in the system.
  14. Human Resource Management: MedSoft handles human resource services in-terms of staff details, attendance, payrolls, appointments, leaves. etc.
  15. Inventory Management: Ability to add and track all hospital inventory in one place.
  16. Manual payment: Ability to take manual payments in cash, cheque, mobile money, insurance, etc.
  17. Pharmacy Management: Pharmacist can add medicine, and dispense it to patients through a point-of-sale system.
  18. Database Backup/Restore: Easily backup, restore the whole database with auto-backup feature.
  19. Medicine Management: Can add, edit and delete medicines and medicine categories. You can check medicine stock alert.
  20. Profile Settings: System users can update their profile anytime they choose to do so.
  21. Hospital Expenses: Record and track all hospital expenses within MedSoft such as bills, salaries, etc.
  22. Bed Management: Add, bill and allocate beds accordingly to admitted in-patients.
  23. Email Engines: Use SMPT or send mail engines to send out communication to the different MedSoft users such as doctors, staff, management and patients.
  24. Patient Login: Patients can login and check on their patient records and also book appointments.
  25. General Settings: Add and manage system general settings like hospital profile i.e. name, address, phone, email, website, badge/logo.
  26. Data Export: Exports data to multiple supported formats like Documents, Excel Sheets, PDF Files and CSV files.
  27. Print Records: All data entered into or exported from MedSoft can be printed.
  28. Backup & Restore: Create backups of your database and restore them at any time when necessary.
  29. Other Features: MedSoft comes with a responsive users interface for all devices, an aesthetically designed user interface for a great user experience, and multi-user login.

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