LibSoft – Library Management System

LibSoft is a simple yet powerful manage system for book management. It covers so many aspects of a Library Management. There are three types of user account (Admin and Staff).

Ideal for:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Collectors
  • Data Banks

LibSoft Features:

  1. Simplicity: Easy to learn and use.
  2. Book Management: You can simply manage your book catalog: create new, modify and delete existing books.
  3. Author & Publisher Management: In addition you have catalog of book authors, publishers, book series and genres.
  4. Issue Books: You have the ability to issue books in the system.
  5. Return Books: You get to log and record books when they are returned.
  6. User Management: Site administrator can manage users, their roles and permissions
  7. Librarian Helper: LibSoft will help librarians with issuing and returning books, notification users by email, processing user’s requests.
  8. Blog: You have ability to create posts and publish news and changes by this way.
  9. Pages: There is ability to create any custom pages for different purposes.
  10. Customizing – LibSoft has a lot of customizing options that helps to change view of pages (date/time formats, number of visible items, etc.), modify content (change menus, page templates, etc.).

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