HRSoft – Human Resource Management System

HRSoft is the best Human Resource Management System Software; a completely secure and fast system from SkyNet. HRSoft is modern and responsive systems designed and developed for business, office management, and company employee management.

Objectives of HRSoft:

  1. Improves working efficiency
  2. Enhances productivity
  3. Enhances ethical development
  4. Improves coordination and communication
  5. Enhances social development
  6. Improves human resource planning
  7. Handles training and assessment
  8. Efficient management system
  9. Effective use of human resources
  10. Enhances employee satisfaction
  11. Efficient Conflict management

Key features of HRSoft:

  1. Accounts System: This module comprises various sections. Firstly, the accounts system has a chart of account section. Moreover, this section consists of some aspects like assets, equity, expense, income, liabilities. Also, you can adjust your balance by using the balance adjustment section. In the same way, you can adjust the cash and bank adjustment. As well as, you can add payment type and can select the parent type by using this section. Besides, using this module you can create different types of vouchers such as a debit voucher, credit voucher, contra voucher, journal voucher easily and accurately. One of the most benefits of this module is that you can create the total account report by using various sections of this module. So, this module includes some following sections:
    • Chat of accounts
    • Cash adjustments
    • Balance adjustments
    • Various payment types
    • Various voucher types
    • Overall account report
  2. Asset Management System: With this, you can maintain all assets and equipment easily. This system helps you to create a record of all assets and that will be very useful for your business success.
    • Add new assets
    • Assign assets
    • Add new equipment
    • Check return information
  3. Employee Attendance System: Here one can manage the whole attendance system easily and efficiently. Here, you may be able to check the monthly attendance report of each employee. Also, you can identify the missing employee of any date by using the missing attendance option. Moreover, using this module, you can see the overall date wise attendance and see the detailed attendance information of each employee.
    • Generate attendance forms
    • Monthly attendance reports
    • Missing attendance report
    • Overall attendance log
  4. Employee Award System: You can maintain the award system by using this module. Moreover, you can add new awards and manage awards with the help of this module.
    • Add new award
    • Manage award information
  5. Full Employee Recruitment Process: This module helps you to perform the recruitment process easily and efficiently. Here, you can add new candidate information. Also, you can manage all candidate information. On the other hand, you can manage shortlisted information. As well as, you may be able to manage the interview and selection by using this module.
    • Candidate information system
    • Candidate shortlist information
    • Interview managing system
    • Candidate selection system
  6. Loan System: Using this module, you can manage all loan-related activities. You can add new loans and manage granted loans. Also, you can manage loan installments here. Finally, you can see the total loan report in this module.
    • Grant loan system
    • Loan installment system
    • Loan report
  7. Employee Leave System: In this module, you can manage all leave applications. Also, you can add a leave type. As well as, you can manage all holidays and weekly holidays.Notice board system
    • Manage holiday
    • Manage weekly holiday
    • Manage leave application
  8. Notification System: In this software, you can get a notification system. There is a notice board module. Using this module, you can add and manage various notices for your employee.
    • Notice board system
    • System alerts
  9. Payroll System: Using this module, you can maintain your employees salary related activities. Moreover, you can add and manage salary and also set up the type of salary.
    • Salary type set up system
    • Salary set up system
    • Employee salary management system
  10. Tax System: Using this module, you can maintain the tax system properly. This module helps you to calculate the amount of tax and manage the tax automatically.
    • Add new tax
    • Manage tax
  11. Dynamic Dashboard: With this module, you can understand the overall report easily and accurately. This module helps you to understand the total employee, present employee, absent employee, and leave employee. All the reports in this module are presented graphically and pie-charts and bar-charts are used for a clearer understanding. So, this module represents:
    • Monthly attendance report
    • Employee absent report
    • Monthly loan payment report
    • Monthly loan received report
    • Monthly awarded report ( based on current year)
    • Monthly recruitment report (based on current year)
  12. Role Permission System: This module helps you to reduce the workload yours. So, using this module, you can distribute the task. You have to create the role and then can assign the role for any specific user. Only those who are assigned will be able to perform this task.
    • Create a new role
    • Manage role list
  13. Automated Reports: Here one can get all reports automatically and accurately. This module helps to generate reports on a daily and monthly basis.
    • Attendance report
    • Leave report
    • Employee report
    • Ad-Hoc report

Why choose HRSoft?

  1. Our software has a spirited dashboard system
  2. This software can provide authentic calculations
  3. Manages asset allocation properly
  4. Provides automated attendance facility
  5. Improves employee management facility
  6. Provides departmental convenience
  7. It helps to easily understand financial gain
  8. Generates progressive reports
  9. Enhances communication system
  10. Improves recruitment and training

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