HostelSoft – Hostel Management System

HostelSoft is a complete all in one Hostel/Dormitory Management System specially designed for the both Tenant & Owner.

Working with HostelSoft is as simple as chatting on social network. HostelSoft mainly focus on 3 aspects of Hostel management which is, Tenants, Rooms/Beds & Accounting (Invoicing, Payments). Administration and management of your hostel got very easy with the help of HostelSoft.

You can use Extra Services feature within HostelSoft to bill your tenant for Various types of bills or food, etc. Starting from Tenant management, HostelSoft has lots of features which helps you to seamlessly manage your hostel.

HostelSoft Features:

  1. Tenants Management
  2. Rooms Management
  3. Beds Management
  4. Extra Services Management
  5. Assign & Revoke Room/Bed to Tenant
  6. Assign & Revoke Extra services to Tenant
  7. View Invoices
  8. Generate Recurring Invoice
  9. Add Payments
  10. View all payments
  11. Expense Management
  12. Notice Management
  13. Income Reports
  14. Expense Reports
  15. Complaints Management

Click on the link below to contact us for a demonstration.

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