GarageSoft – Garage Management System

GarageSoft is a Garage Management System (GMS). You can manage your whole garage system through this application and manage your website also. GarageSoft is the best software for managing your garage work estimate, sell and buy parts and car. It will help you to control whole garage in your hand at a glance.

GarageSoft Features:

  1. Innovative Dashboard:
    • Intuitive dashboard with info-graphics
    • Different reports for management
    • Calendar with list of service bookings
  2. Sales & Service Management:
    • Admin can see all list of sales
    • Admin can add new sales in the list
    • Can create invoice for each vehicle sales
  3. User Role Management: System provides different user roles like:
    • Admin
    • Customer
    • Employee
    • Support Staff
    • Accountant
  4. Customer Management:
    • Add, view, edit and delete customers.
    • Option to extent customer details using configurable fields.
    • Email reminder to customers for upcoming services.
  5. Vehicle Management:
    • Add vehicle type, brand, model, etc.
    • Add, view, edit and delete vehicle list.
  6. Employee Management:
    • Add, view, edit and delete employees.
    • Employees can process job cards and complete services.
    • Manage employee performance with on-time job completion.
    • Option to extent employee details using configurable fields.
  7. Supplier Management:
    • Option to add, view, edit and delete suppliers.
    • Complete list of suppliers with search and sorting.
    • Option to extent supplier details using configurable fields.
  8. Product Management:
    • Manage all products using unique part numbers.
    • Option to add products with image, price and warranty.
    • Apply suppliers to products.
  9. Manufacturer Management:
    • Option to add, view, edit and delete manufacturers.
    • Complete list of manufacturers with search and sorting.
    • Option to extent manufacturer details using configurable fields.
  10. Accounts & Tax Management:
    • Manage income and expenses with ease.
    • Option to add tax in percentage.
    • Add accountant tax.
  11. Sales Management:
    • Searchable list of parts for sales.
    • Sale parts sale part and services.
  12. Purchase Management:
    • Option to add, view, edit and delete product parts.
    • Manage all purchases using unique numbers.
    • Complete list of purchases with search and sorting.
  13. General Settings:
    • Setup garage details such as name, address, phone, email, etc.
    • Manage garage operations.
  14. Easy to configure:
    • You can manage the whole garage system through this software.
  15. Business Hours Management:
    • Manage auto-repair shops working hours
    • Option to add holidays
  16. Payment Management:
    • Add and manage different payment options.
  17. Create Quotations:
    • Create quotations easily for clients for the system.
    • Option to add tax on quotations.
    • Customers can receive quotes through email.
    • Option to generate a job card on quote approval.
    • Provide estimated cost of car repair.
  18. Job Card Management:
    • Digitize your job/work card in the system.
    • Track job processes through the job/work card.
    • Can create invoice based on job card.
  19. Observation List:
    • Observation list is more like a checklist of each process of the repair.
    • Categorized checklist into the engine, body, wheels, control unit, etc.
    • Manage checklist by vehicle and type.
  20. Gate Pass Management:
    • Option to create, edit and delete gate passes.
    • Manage vehicles in/out passes and boarding tickets.
    • Exit gate passes can only be issued once the payment is cleared.
  21. Inventory Management:
    • Manage your stock with ease.
    • Keep track of all the spare parts you buy and sell.
    • Manage stock levels.
  22. Reports Management:
    • Generate sales report by month, staff or customer.
    • Service delivery report by technician.
    • Product stock/inventory report.

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