EduSoft – School Management System

EduSoft is a Modern and Complete School Automation Software that suites to almost every school or educational institution from student admission to student leaving, from fees collection to exam results. It includes 30+ modules with 8 inbuilt users (Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent and Student) panel.

It is perfect for kindergartens, primary, secondary, tertiary and universities.

EduSoft Features:

  1. Students Admission: Powerful admission form, add upto 30+ records students including previous school details. Add student’s siblings, IDs, and multiple documents to maintain a full student’s profile.
  2. Promote Students: Promote students to their next academy year/session based on their on their pass/fail results and also continue/leave school.
  3. Fees Discount: Create fees discounts packages like staff child or sibling or scholarship while admitting.
  4. Collect Fees: Smart fee collecting module that give all the details of a student’s fees standing.
  5. Add Sibling: With EduSoft, you can add siblings belong to the same parent or guardian for easy students management.
  6. Search Students: Search for any student by name, ID number, class, subject, sibling or parent since everything is connection in EduSoft.
  7. Student Categories: Categorize students in class sections such as such subjects taken for easy students’ management.
  8. Profile Settings: System users can update their profile anytime they choose to do so.
  9. School Expenses: Record and track all school expenses within EduSoft such as bills, salaries, etc.
  10. Student Attendance: Manage students’ attendance easily in just a few clicks; and generate attendance reports at a later time.
  11. Examinations: EduSoft includes complete examination management from creating examination schedules to marking process and later examination grades/results.
  12. Examinations Schedule: Schedule exams with start & end times, exam room, full marks and passing/failing marks.
  13. Class Management: Add any number of classes or grades or streams or levels to EduSoft for easy students’ management.
  14. Subject Management: Add any number if subjects with their different subject codes for easy management and class and students’ allocation.
  15. Assign Subjects: Link teachers to different subjects added in EduSoft for easier staff management.
  16. Class Time Table: Create subject-wise class time tables with the subject period start/end time and class room number for every week.
  17. Teacher Management: Add teachers to EduSoft with all their details.
  18. Download Center: Manage downloadable content such as students’ results, teachers’ syllabus, class time tables, etc from this module.
  19. Library Management: EduSoft includes a complete library management system with adding and lending out books accompanied by issue/return tracking/reporting.
  20. Transport Management: Manage the school van, vehicle, driver and any other details such as routes which the vehicle shall be taking.
  21. Hostel Management: Manage school hostels and accommodation with all their student residents.
  22. Communication: Send messages within EduSoft to teachers, students, parents etc. through the notice board.
  23. Students’ Report: Generate and get student’s reports based on results, class, subject, gender, ID number, etc.
  24. Fees Statement: Generate and get students fees payment statements, all within EduSoft.
  25. Balance Fees Reports: Generate and get balance fees reports for all unpaid student fees.
  26. Attendance Reports: Generate and get monthly attendance reports for each class.
  27. Exam Marks Reports: Generate and get exams report based upon subjects ,classes or periods.
  28. Academy Sessions: Create unlimited academic session in EduSoft such as terms, or semesters or periods, etc.
  29. Email Engines: Use SMPT or send mail engines to send out communication to the different EduSoft users such as teacher, students, parents, etc.
  30. Parent Monitoring: Parent can login into EduSoft and see their children’s activity at school and also their results.
  31. Internal Messaging: EduSoft users such a students, teacher, administrator and parents can send internal messages through the in-system messages chat.
  32. General Settings: Add and manage system general settings like school profile i.e. name, address, phone, email, website, badge/logo.
  33. Data Export: Exports data to multiple supported formats like Documents, Excel Sheets, PDF Files and CSV files.
  34. Home Work Management: Attach and manage study material and documents.
  35. Charts and Graphs Reports: Use graphical charts to analyse the performance of the school in terms of fees collection, expenses, students’ attendance, etc.
  36. Print Records: All data entered into or exported from EduSoft can be printed.
  37. Backup & Restore: Create backups of your database and restore them at any time when necessary.
  38. Other Features: EduSoft comes with a responsive users interface for all devices, an aesthetically designed user interface for a great user experience, and multi-user login.

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