ClinicSoft – Clinic Management System

ClinicSoft is a powerful comprehensive and fast to use clinic management system for diagnosis, planning and treatment. It is easy to search and retrieve the information stored, related to patients. It includes complete reporting system and helps to build the treatment reports.

It is perfect for all medical practices such as dental clinics, skincare clinics, eye clinics, physiotherapy clinics, psychology clinics and general practice clinics.

ClinicSoft Features:

  1. Patient Management: You can create, edit and delete patients. Can manage patient’s case history, documents, payments, appointments. You can check the patient history with a beautiful timeline from the history button in the patient list. Can also archive patients records for safe-keeping.
  2. Doctor Management: You can create, edit and delete doctors. Can manage doctor’s appointments, schedule, holidays. Can check doctor’s treatment history.
  3. Appointment Management: You can create, edit and delete appointments. Can manage Today’s and upcoming appointments. You can see appointments based on status like requested, pending, confirmed, treated and cancelled.
  4. Schedule Management: Can manage doctor’s appointments, schedule, holidays.
  5. Invoicing & Billing: Can issues invoices and bill patients after treatment.
  6. Pharmacy & Point-Of-Sale (POS): Supports the sale of medicine and other products off the counter through a Point-Of-Sale system.
  7. Medicine Management: Can add, edit and delete medicines and medicine categories. You can check medicine stock alert.
  8. Laboratory Management: Can manage all the lab reports and report templates. Template system allows to create report templates. During the creation of a report you just need to select your desired template. Then just change the values.
  9. Prescription Management: Can create and manage prescriptions with dynamic medicine selection. Link between Prescription and pharmacy allow pharmacist to see all the prescriptions.
  10. Human Resource Management: This is the module where you can create all the hospital staffs like Nurses, Accountants, Receptionists, Pharmacists and Laboratorist. All those staffs can login the system with their specific access permission.
  11. Email Management: You can send the email to different group like all the patients or all the doctors or donors of a specific blood group. Also can send individual patients and any other email address. You can configure the auto email templates. During the creation of appointments, payments or live meetings email are sent to patients and doctors. You can create those emails from here.
  12. Finance Management: Can manage payments, expenses, invoices, due payments, daily, monthly, yearly and date to date reports etc from this module.
  13. Finance Reporting: You can check date-to date report for all your financial activities. Strong User activity report where you will find user based financial reporting like the amount of cash collected by each accountant and receptionist. You can check each doctor’s commission. Can check birth, operation and expire records. Daily, month and yearly payment and expense reports and many more.
  14. Commission Calculator: Can calculate a doctor’s commission for diagnosis reference.
  15. Website Portal: Our front-end website is a portfolio website for the hospital. Public users can make appointment request from here. Sliders, featured doctors, services are also there and those can be dynamically added from back-end.
  16. User Activity Report: Monitor all activities and logs made by other users in the system.
  17. System Settings: Can change hospital title, credit line, currency symbol, phone number, email address etc. Can manage payment gateways, languages, bulk imports and database backups.

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