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CaseSoft – Law Firm Management System

CaseSoft is a online management software for lawyers daily case board management. With this application Lawyers/Advocates can keep the records at their fingertips. You can add information like client, cases, case history, court and appointment management for Law firms.

CaseSoft Features:

CaseSoft is the digital diary which keeps everything organized and easily accessible way. Our feature rich application CaseSoft has all the value added features that an lawyer/advocate always look forward to meet his/her expectation to simplify law practice.

  1. Client Management: CaseSoft has the capability to store client details like Name, Phone, Email, cases against him/her with case history.
  2. Daily Case-Board: Your Dashboard will give you quick access to your Daily Case-Board, Appointments, Pending bills and tasks.
  3. Case Management: Track all the details like Client name, Case number, judge, Court details, Case history and transfer history.
  4. Account Management: Manage all your Income-Expense, Billing and Invoice along with pending bill notification feature to forecast your P&L.
  5. Appointments Management: Manage all your Appointments with new and existing client..
  6. Multiple Users: Multiple users can access the application and update their cases simultaneously.

Click on the link below to contact us for a demonstration.

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